Still no small patch/fix after 2weeks is disappointed

  • I like the game but im disappointed there is no fixes after 2 weeks. I dont except a huge fix and patch but there are so many small things who they can fix really fast. I play on Xbox.

    I still cant choose white hair color what is what i like to choose, it will always go back to standard after choose white color.

    Prices for weapons e.t.c will still overlap over the text so you cant really see how mutch something cost.

    If you choose class in game, every class have the same health, speed, stanima in the desciption on Pc it seems correct.

    There is also a color bug from time to time when your screen turn into blue, green e.t.c who lasts the whole game.

    Also when you join a game every one is invinsible or have no weapon showing because of loading issues. This is super annoying.

    Cant deactivate crossplay.

    These are really small things who can get fixed very fast so i dont understand why this is still a thing.

  • make sure the patches are only for pc or console. not all patches go to console platforms.

    Go to the blog page if you need more information about patches.

  • What are you talking about XD Dont know what this have to do with my thread?

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