investigation by sony

  • i just want the people who created this game to be aware that i have evidence of pc moders on the servers and i have submitted it to sony…

    my advice to the devs it’s to make sure the in game option to turn cross play off (is actually working)

    i know you want make it look like your servers are full… but do the right thing here. maybe sony wont ban the entire game.

  • Then submit the evidence here, too. Nobody can take you seriously till you back up your claim with evidence. We need to see it, it’s not good enough to just say you have it.

    Mods, can this guy’s “hacker” posts be deleted until he presents the evidence?
    I mean, if you call an apple an orange, you do need to prove that it is.

  • @Mista-Pengin I agree, these posts should be deleted. This posts threatening the developers with Sony “banning the entire game” is ridiculous and childish.

  • @Hanska lol Sony won’t ban games because hackers are on the platform. Or else Apex and CoD would be long gone