My little overview

  • Good day.
    Being a fan of similar games, and having experience in them (WOtR, Chivalry, Deadliest Warrior, Mordhau, KCD, M&B 1,2), I’ve been waiting for Chivalry 2 with great joy. I want to thank the developers for the work they have done and express my opinion on this project.
    The game is full of frustrations. Let’s adjust mouse sensitivity of the to the maximum, and go!
    -this game is not about fencing, it is about running around each other
    -and about jumping

    • it makes no difference what kind of weapon you have: piercing, cutting, crushing. The axe will stab just as effectively, the sword is just as good against plate armor, the side blows of the spears are very effective.
      -in this game we have no armor, we have clothes. And it does not affect anything, it is only cosmetics, and even its options are few. Gambeson, chain mail, cuirass - it doesn’t matter, you get the same damage from all types of weapons. Some types of weapons indicate that they add +% damage against certain classes. An insignificantly weak attempt to somehow diversify weapons. And if you decide to run around the map without a helmet, then more damage will not fly to an uncovered head, as to an unarmored part of the body.
      -If you want to cut everyone on the map with a knife, you will succeed, because the length of the weapon does not affect the gameplay in any way. There are jumps, and we do not fence, but run around each other. Knife versus spear is our choice.
      -a raised block is effective against blows from any direction, the main thing is to set it up and quickly twist it with the mouse. Which makes it meaningless to be in the game of a fient. The block is raised, and it doesn’t matter - a thrust, a side blow…. Just wait for the enemy’s animation to end. Given the chaos of multiplayer battles, the stamina per block is almost inexhaustible.
      -Have I already said that everyone runs with the same speed and jumps the same?
    • the developers never took the subway during rush hour. Otherwise, they would be able to foresee the mechanics so that you would not bump into a member of your team, who stands and admires the beauty of the graphics, like an obstacle, but would run around it.

  • Finally, someone with a more reasonable assessment. I agree with a lot of this as someone who played closed beta and someone who spoke to some who have played the game a year ago as well.

    There are some differences in weapons but in the end, it is all determined by damage. A lot of weapons do similar damage.

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