Patch this Game!!!

  • Patch the game already! Please please please please pleaseeeee. This is unacceptable for a launch. Don’t show me the roadmap I’ve read it. Its vague and does nothing but tell me what I already know is wrong. PATCH PLEASSSSEEEEEEEEE

  • You… are not saying anything… What should they patch? I’m all on board that we need a patch and some things need to be patched out but put effort into the thread you just created, please?

  • I’m waiting for a patch since day 1 and i’m really disappointed that there isn’t still a single one

    to fix ASAP for example:

    • i still cant play with my friends on the same platform (PC; Online-status wrong, invites not working), and this is an absolute dealbreaker. i just stopped playing within the first match because we were not able to play together. the “workaround” with the server list works only half the time because of “Unable to connect”.

    • matchmaking is often a joke

    • numbers (for example timers) mean nothing in this game

    • if you skip beeing the heir, there will not be one and there is no way to win for attackers

    how is there not even a hotfix 2 weeks after launch with problems this big?

    and WHY on earth was this game released in this state?

    they should really fix the basic game instead of roadmapping new stuff

  • @Doomguyy How about anything from the known issues thread. This guy doesn’t need to re-write all the big problems. It’s been two weeks since launch and not one single patch. That’s highly unusual for a recently released pvp multiplayer focused game.

  • What is it like to play the game? I’m on ps5 and STILL can’t play the game. Instant match making failed. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled gone into safe mode set to performance mode redownloaded it nothing. If I can learn one thing is that the one time I go against my no preorder policy it proves EXACLTY why I don’t so thanks for that torn banner.