Champions Legacy - Adding more to the game

  • Hi guys,
    The game in my opinion is darn good, and can only get better as the months go on.
    The idea I have was actually going to be used for M&B:Warband, but after playing this and seeing what we will get in the upcoming months, along with mod tools, it has definitely shifted my idea towards this game.

    I have a group of modders that I’m close too (When I mean close, I mean Real Life friends), they aren’t high profile, but like those who are… ‘gotta start somewhere’
    (Obviously what we’re after will take some time, so hopefully we’ll have the support)

    Quick Summary:
    The easiest way to put it, Spartacus. Gladiator Style. Obviously we’ll have to wait for the mod tools to work on this, but in the mean time, we can deal with what we have for now.

    Interested? Carry on reading…

    Explain yourself!
    We will build a dedicated website for this, it will be a website based, but using the game for the battles.

    You will go by point system, ladders and tournaments, with an in-depth reputation system for “fixtures (who fights who, who fights the champions…etc)”.
    You will be given “denarius” for winning and losing. These will be used to purchase enhancements for in and out of the game, website, pleasures and/or for business. (More on this soon)
    We hope to throw in betting, but this can be a bit tricky with cheaters and fixers.

    We’ll like to introduce “houses” for clans, but these won’t be for actual clans to come and compete like a league, we’re building a community based website, so we’ll probably be like one big Clan.

    If you had watched Spartacus or anything related to the gladiators, then you’ll know what I mean by “houses of…”.

    We hope to bring the community closer, and add more to the game.

    please reply to show your support in this, so we can measure how big this will be during the building, and hopefully the actually Devs here will help and support us too. :)


  • Sounds good bro, i can´t wait to see what this game is going to be like in 4 months…

  • We have started building the website/system. Over the next few days, I will post screenshots with updates to keep those interested informed.

  • I’m not sure whether it’ll be a waste of time finishing this project off.

    I was hoping for a better reaction, but I guess this time of gameplay/style isn’t suited for Chivalry.

  • There is a lot of interest in something like this, do a quick search and you will find out more than a few similar threads of people wanting something gladiator like for this game.

  • Yeah I know what you mean, but I think it is more of a mod they’re after than a website based style.
    I don’t want us to start creating and designing the system and then find out it’ll flop.

    I guess this is why I posted about the project, basically to find out if it’s worth going through with the idea.

  • You could wait 1 or 2 months and if you see the interest grows then go ahead.

  • Do you mean gladiators dueling? That’d be cool, but knights dueling is cooler, and there’s already models for it.

  • We would be using Knights for now, until the mod kit has been released so we can start modding a gladiator style.

  • Please do not add anything to this game until they fix what’s wrong with it.

  • Sounds like a very good idea to me :)

  • Quite glad to see some support.
    I know there are some problems with the game (its with every game really), but this is a website based mod, which makes its easier to control, and long lasting.

    The whole reason I hate random games: I keep getting Team killed for no reason which bores me, I get hit by my team mate because I’m using a bow or I’m alone fighting about 5, with my team mates nowhere to be seen but messing around. This has happened a lot yesterday on multiple servers.

    What inspired me to start such a thing with this game, was the first time I played the game. I was with a Archer and I was a VG, I defended him when they came up close, and stopped daggers, axes and arrows from hitting him from a far, the sense of teamwork really did make the game worthwhile.


    • You will be doing 1v1 2v2 or 5v5, depending on how many are joining and what clans/houses are created within. Teamwork is a must to survive and be the greatest clan/house in Chivalry.
    • Earn e-cash for your fights and activity on the website. These can be used for:
      • Pleasures/Business/Enhancements for the website side of your warrior/knight
    • Spar, hang and compete against those that play fair and enjoy the realism.
    • Ladders, Leagues & Tournaments to be the best… to be the Champion of Chivalry
    • The owner of the clans/houses can trade, buy and sell warriors.
    • Build a solid reputation, to be feared and to hold a place at the main events.
    • Detailed website to have all this to show
    • Forums for and to communicate

    More to come as we grow.

  • We have decided to continue on with the design.
    Hopefully things will look up from when it has been released and ready for sign ups.

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