• So I want to play the game and have chat with people. I have brought the game twice once PC on ps5 and love to play it on ps5 more. But I can’t rebind control on ps5 there no chat of any kind party system broke and no FOV slider cant browser server. Some cosmetics won’t let buy them. It feels very unfinished. So I have a fairly nice PC.
    Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
    Processor: Intel® Core™ i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz (16 CPUs), ~3.6GHz
    Memory: 32768MB RAM @ 4267 Mhz
    Card name: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070
    Main board: MPG Z390 GAMING PLUS
    Nothing is overclocked and both CPU and GPU are water-cooled. I just formatted the system and did a clean install of all software and made sure to verify sources. Still, the game freezes fairly often and crashes. Very frustrated I love the game when I get to play but today spent more time setting the pc than playing. Is there any version of the game that isn’t a work in progress ?!

  • Now it’s crashing with no error to even report… Am getting close to giving up on your game. And Don’t want to. I just want to play!

  • so error message it get the most when I do get an error message is: (oginId:477603414d846629f2c4d9b0a5e735b4

    Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000018

    ntdll) the only line I understand a little bit is (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) makes me think it’s a memory error is happening I adjust my page file size and see if this helps. any help would greatly be appreciated.

  • Game runs flawless for me on a 2700X and a 1080Ti…with all settings jacked to the max.

  • I think it was my in-game overlay crashing it. Turned off the Nvidia in-game overlay runs better now. If anyone else has problems with crashing try that. It’s not 100% but a lot better. Will keep tweaking the game.

  • be8a5cbb-421a-4d36-8160-c1a90b813937-image.png

  • @bigsandwich-925 Does this crash the game itself, or your whole computer?
    I’ve had my whole PC crash before, which I thought was the game.
    When I looked in event viewer, it wasn’t the game at fault.
    It was a faulty SATA cable, once I changed it I never crashed again.

    Also, you may want to check event viewer to see if anything pops up there.
    From the looks of it, a file called ntdll is responsible for the crash.

  • @Mista-Pengin I am pretty sure it’s the game. I get a chivalry 2 has crashed message. However, I am open to the possibility of it being my computer what am looking for in the event viewer? The crash was within the last hour and the event view does not show any criticals or error in the last hour there some earrings. Thanks for trying to help me.

  • @bigsandwich-925
    There’s no warnings in event viewer? :)
    Hmm, usually there’s something there to go on.

    I’d suggest a few things:

    1. Turn your PC off and on again.
      Funnily enough, this actually sometimes helps.

    2. Try moving the game to another HDD or SSD.
      This will rule out a problem with the disk or SSD itself.

    3. Go to the game in your Epic library.
      Click the 3 dots … then select verify.
      This will verify that there’s no missing or corrupt game files.

    Ntdll and access violation are common errors.
    But, it’s hard to pin-point the cause without an error log,
    or event viewer log.

    Hope this helps, man. :)

  • Ok replaced the Ntdll file for a known good pc with the same OS. Also, back up the original. And I am installing it on nvme hard drive that’s new now! I will let you know how works out thanks!

  • @bigsandwich-925

    No probs at all, man. Happy to help. :)
    From what I’ve searched, it could also be an anti-virus problem.
    Possibly an overlay problem. Do you use Discord?
    Disabling Discord Overlay might help.
    Disabling your anti-virus when you’re playing Chiv might help, too.

  • Thought I got it when I replaced the ntdll file still pretty much the same error message. I have discord but I am not running it. I put on hard less than a week old.!
    here an image of the error message.


    Here another image of the event viewer this time I got an error in the log.

  • Try with firewall and anti-virus off still same dam error message.

  • Dammit, I reset the whole Pc again today. And now it’s still crashing but no error message 8 ( I can’t win.

  • I own torn banner studios an apology. It was completely my machine. I got into bios and had the ram overclocked a lot. Everything more tune for overclocking I turn it to more balance in Bois and they did the same with the windows power setting it seems very stable now. I am dick lucky didn’t anything really bad about you guys yet.

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