Kicked for... say what?

  • A little oddity happened in game last night.

    I was playing my usual way, which is… focus on the objectives, help team players, slash when outnumbered and not besides team member, overhead and stabs when I am. etc. We’re in a shoulder to shoulder 4v4 (ish) skirmish with 2 opposing lines,. I’m only using over head and stabs to avoid team damage. Suddenly I’m getting attacked from behind so I move out the way and turn around. There’s an over zealous team member hacking away at me. It doesn’t bother me too much as it happens, so I move out of his way. He then ignores the opposition and follows only me, attacking relentlessly. I decide not to attack back and just carry on blocking, but he doesn’t stop until all my stamina has gone and I’ve dropped everything. So with next to no health, no energy an no weapon, he stops and walks off.

    Bemused I’m wondering wtf, plus a few other expletives when a warning comes up telling me I’ll be kicked for excessive team damage.

    I wasn’t kicked but It left me totally confused. It’s impossible to play Chiv2 and not do team damage from time to time, for me it’s rare though as I actively go out of my way to avoid causing team damage and I know I wasn’t causing team damage just before and during this incident.

    Just thought I’d share and wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience.

  • I was once stand afk for a few sec because i do some option settings. A guy start hiting me and spams voicelines. When i was back from options he starves at me and spam voicelines and still did hes thing. Then he follow me around and stalks me. I died in the next battle and spawn again and a few minutes later the same guy found me again looks at me and spams voice lines. I decide to use suicide and after that i didnt saw him again.
    It was kind of funny but at the same time annoying.

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