• I haven’t seen any how-tos on the forum, so I figured I would ask. How does one parry vs just blocking in this game?

  • You cant parry a shield block. He has to attack you so you can parry. If both players are blocking then itd just be a stare down

  • it depends greatly on the weapon and circumstance.

    blacking is better against multiple weapon attacks (such as a 2v1) as you dont have to quite line up the defence, parrying is better 1 on 1, because it lets you keep view, and makes it harder to (imo) be struck.

    shields dont block every where, and a smart player can take advantage of the reduced feild of view. by stepping into your blind spot they can then angle theri attack to bypass the shield, the blocker cant actualyl see this if done right and must simply guess. this isnt possible to do while parrying, while you can still strike past the parry, you dont suffer a blind spot so you can see it coming and try to react.

    blocking does have the upside of being less suseptible of feints however, though they tend to give a pretty big margine of error when it comes to where your block is going to block, some weapons like the hammer or axe excel at by passing the shield simply because they reach around a player, you would have to raise the shield much higher then it seems, parrying doesnt have this distortion because of their limited hitbox, so its far easier to line up

    All and all shield provide more Cover, but not superior defence, i find parrying offers better defence. now it seems like a counter statement, but i think of it like this. the shied allows safty from most ranged attacks, and better chance of blocking in a out numbered fight, but it comes with a huge hit to your ability to actually line up your blocks, this is why i feel some of the best duelists you see, prefer 2h weapons and parrying, because its really easy to take advantage of blind spots.

    kicks are also less effective against parry users i feel, you can see the kick or shield bash coming and just move back and counter, when your shield it up, often times its hard to see.

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