This game is a mess

  • The spawning is comical, spawning invisible people and people right ontop of you.

    Real players using bots to level up just auto swinging the air.

    Everyone looks to gank only.

    Cross play disabled don’t even work.

    Team modes is constant wide swinging team damaging on purpose.

    Weapons are terrible imbalanced. The messer is op, swords doing 40 plus damage to plate is laughable considering they couldn’t damage plate in history. They are long reach faster swing times than “ anti armor “ counter parts.

    People just spam counter swing to have a faster swing speed, most people can gamble using op weapons due to their speed just so much faster even after a successful counter against them

    List goes on and on. And yes im ontop leaderboards most games so don’t try the “ git gud “ pc lingo

  • I thought crossplay doesn’t work

  • I understand the discontent, but just ranting around won’t be of much help for the game.

    You need to accurately describe what is happening and where. Some of the issues you’ve described aren’t a problem with the game itself but with the players themselves.

  • All the things smith1883 has described are perfectly understandable. What you do not understand?

    Have you read other forum threads? The same and other problems.

    TB should start releasing patches to fix some of this.

    And above all, that it allows disabling crossplay on consoles and that it works.

    Crossplay should exclusively between consoles.

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