This game is DOA

  • Speed running hack, weapon speed hack, stamina hack and invisible weapon hacks. Nice job guys. Ruined the game for console players. Also fix your garbage messer for one it’s op hitting as hard as an axe lol two the messer wasn’t that long and didn’t have a weighted tip “ similar to an axe “ weapon manuscripts and reproductions show this. Also the “ weighted tip” wouldn’t come close to the power an axe has on impact. It’s called science I suggest devs look into this.

    The blatant pc cheating is over the top. I’m done with the game. Numerous YouTube videos show how bad it is yet nothing is being done about it.

  • @smith1883 it’s called upping your ingame look sensitivity to increase swing speed. It’s not cheating and has been a thing since the first game. On another note yes Messer is OP af. I’ve seen people stab and swing so quickly with it (without turning with the swing) that it outpaced my short sword stabs and swings. Absolute garbage.

  • I never like it when PC players are lumped in with console crossplay, as there are way too many cheaters on PC.

    I’m only interested in crossplay with XBox players, being a PlayStation owner myself. Unfortunately, for a lot of niche multiplayer games on PS4, disabling crossplay is a quick way to get bored of waiting and shelf the game.

  • @FlintBeastgood I also play the game on ps5 and, well, it’ s not the waiting time that s bothering me the most if I disable cross play (It usualy takes less than a minute) , it’ s that there are too many bots.
    I prefer waiting 2 or even 3 minutes, if I get a balanced game without any dumb bots abused as cannon fodder and food for nourishing XP.
    If I play in the morning, one could count the actual players, not being bots, on a single hand. I mean literaly 50 bots and a handful of players. So it’ s basicly a payed training ground aka training against bots but receiving xp for it. I am done playing in the morning, and i am also done playing with cross play disabled.
    I understand this is a cross play game and is intended to play that way, but still, this story shows how awfuly those bots contribute to ruined gameplay: leave them entirely out of the game, or, better: give them a rather decent level of skill.

    Besides, what’ s the point of having the option to play 64 player modes AND 40 player modes, it just spreads the available players even more. You know, I d prefer a 40 player mode without any bots, rather a 64 mode ruined by bots.

    I hope we can finaly party up VERY soon, cuz i have the impression many (console) players are leaving the battlefield

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