Can Not Join Friends In Game

  • This takes about 10 minutes of logging on and off for us to join group. This is outrageous. This is absolutely pathetic. Put your game on steam. I don’t know what type of sad excuse for a partnership you have with Epic Games but they have clearly not held up their side.

  • @Vaged Now we can not group. No one sees the party invites. We see each other online. We hit the invite. Nothing, no one gets them. Your game is unplayable with other people. What is the point?


  • 28.06.2021 still not working, cannot play with friends. There was a tip in reddit saying that allowing 3 .exes to get past firewall but it did not work for us either.


  • @Vaged It s ridiculous that ps4 players cannot party up with ps5 players, while they claim to be the first hack and slash game playable in cros platform: whats the point of that is one cannot join his friends in a party. It s been almost a month now since release, but the most basic and onse of the most important features still doesnt work. Fix this urgent problem asap please, its not annoying anymore, its just obstructive.

  • just copy and paste from the road map (
    Phase 1 (complete):

    • Cross-platform players can play together using the game’s matchmaking system.
    • Social Parties can only be formed on the following platforms: PC to PC, PS4 to PS4, and PS5 to PS5. All Xbox platforms can form Parties together.

    Phase 2 (imminent):
    We are working to provide immediate solutions for you to play Chivalry 2 with friends on other platforms.

    • A console Server Browser will arrive with Patch 2 (ETA: Late June or early July). Players on different platforms will be able to find and join the same server together, but not by using a Party system.
    • Further improvements to the Server Browser will come in the planned Content Update 1 and future updates. Players on consoles will have better filtering and server search options.

    Phase 3 (in progress)

    • PS4 to PS5 cross generation Party support is currently being worked on, however a release timeline is not yet established

    Phase 4 (timeline unknown):
    We know that players are frustrated by the lack of cross-platform Parties and we hear your concerns. Cross-platform Parties were not a planned feature for launch.

    • The implementation of full cross-platform Parties is still being evaluated before any further details can be provided. This cannot be resolved immediately. We hope to give transparent updates to the community whenever possible.

  • Phase 1 is not complete. PC to PC does not work.

    Desired situation:
    Send party invite
    Party is formed
    It works

    Current situation:
    Send party invite
    Invite is declined, or other player is offline even though he’s on
    Party is not formed.

    PC to PC just does not work.

  • well, sadly you can only refund games played less than 2 hours…

  • @Z4mp4l0 And what odd you might notice this in the first two hours of play. I brought dam twice first ps5 and saw didn’t work and they would have to work on pc brought that and still doesn’t work. Just everyone knows it’s on all versions right now.

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