For woe, thy bots are a disgrace

  • Couple weeks into launch here and I’m astonished that bots are still present. I thought it was just a beta thing but I’m getting worried that it’s an actual design choice.

    Bots take so much away from this game without adding anything of interest or importance. They run up to you and stare at you like some kind of deranged weirdo. When it comes to fighting they don’t use half the mechanics available and have barely any hp, so they don’t present any real challenge. This ruins game modes by turning them into bot farming races, while otherwise contributing nothing but constant, boring speed bumps in game flow.

    That’s not even to mention the laughable objective AI - pacing back and forth in the middle of nowhere, staring at a bonfire, etc. Even if those bugs were cleaned up, it still makes no sense for them to be here.

    I didn’t buy a multiplayer game hoping to play against AI. And if people really want to play against bots, there’s a practice mode for that.

    A 64-player server is going to be just fine if it happens to be 29v30 once in a while. These game modes are not going to be ruined by not having full servers at all times… the bots are doing much more harm than that.

  • @Sonaut Couldnt agree more. They serve only as as annoyance from the random spawns on FFA when dueling others and as free kill fodder when they arent. FFA shouldnt ever have bots acting as easy score points.

    And what’s with the vast difficulty level difference between FFA bots and Objective mode bots. At least in Objective mode they are aggressive. In FFA they just stare at you as you mentioned, while occasionally surprising you with an unexpected swing at you.

    Bots are Cancer.

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