Can't connect to ANY online servers

  • GAME: Chivalry 2
    PLATFORM: PC, Epic Games launcher
    ISSUE: Connectivity issues/server issues/network issues

    Hey all. I’ve been having this issue since I bought the game - I can’t connect to any server at all. Offline play works perfectly fine, the game itself is stable, but the moment I try to queue for the game modes OR if I try to enter a server via the server browser, the game simply says “Connecting to server” and then sits there. The program doesn’t freeze, it just endlessly says connecting but never connects. I am able to cancel the matchmaking, at which point I’m brought back to the main menu.

    The troubleshooting I’ve tried:

    1. Rebooting the program
    2. Tried entering different servers
    3. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game
    4. Verified the game data, cleared Epic Games cache
    5. Tried messing with some firewall settings, however I’m not sure if I did it correctly.

    If anyone has any experience with this issue, please spill the secret to fixing. I just want to play the game already. Thanks yall

  • A few posts down you will find somebody with the same issue.

    For them it was their antivirus blocking the online part of the game.

  • Hey, thanks for the input. I finally found the culprit - I run this program called “GameFirst IV” which basically controls how much bandwidth each program can use and can also prioritize bandwidth to certain programs like games, web browsers, streaming services, etc.

    I’m not sure why, but running this program clashed with the game and was preventing me from connecting to any servers. Regardless, terminating the GameFirst IV application allowed me to finally join servers and play with actual people lol

    Consider this thread solved

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