Challenges and Rewards

  • Would like to see these put in the game. Im level 90 something and only get some gold for leveling. I think it would be nice to unlock certain pieces of flare or armor designs for achieving a high overall lvl or class lvl. Earning cool weapon skins would be awesome as well, not just saving up tokens till i have enough but doing some sort of challenge to earn a cosmetic for it. Maybe like get 500 kills with the War Club unlocks a cool legendary skin or something. You could have some dailys or weekly challenges that grant extra xp or cool unique skins. I would love to see a weapon mastery screen which displays challenges for a weapon and the reward for doing said challenges. I know there is a little bit of this already in the game i would just like to see it expanded upon. Some funny challenges would also be nice like getting 10 kills with a chicken which could unlock a special emote or title. I know TB likes to add a little goofiness to there game and i for one would love to see more of it. All in all i would like some more player progression to go along with this awesome game.

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