Suggs/Bugs (Experienced on PC)

  • Experience is all from PC play

    -All Maps: objective areas that are capture/move by bodycount need some sort of defined 3D area on the ground that sets the boundaries for being on obj. it would promote offense/defense of obj. because at the moment, no one is PTFOing and it’s annoying.

    Slaughter of Coxwell:
    too many freebie objectives for attackers!

    -2nd objective needs to have the defensive sally ports on the walls one notch closer to the main gate to promote flanking outside to the main gate attackers, i’ve never seen that objective defended one time. the murder holes above the gate get to clogged with friendlies even though only 2 people can BARELY, effectively throw rocks down at the gate attackers. Everyone just camps ramps and ballistas as attackers are free to bash the gate. It would keep the attackers on their toes and not just a freebie objective like the last objective is.

    -Last obj: maybe faster defensive peasant spawns. maybe a little more reinforcement spawns for defense. maybe less entry paths for attackers (main gate/side alley only). DEFINITELY marks over the last ten or so soldier’s standing so the peasant army knows where to swarm. i’ve seen it won twice, but i’m pretty sure it’s because someone is hiding somewhere at a previous objective which isn’t the intent for that last obj. (no they weren’t in a porta shitter)

    Escape From Falmire:
    -champion obj: mason defensive spawns remain near the middle of the length of the escape route and the match never really progresses from that point. the objective is the ship?
    -it’s not clear that the bridge objective has 2 areas that need to be captured.

    -flipping alt/reg binds no longer allows you to hold left mouse button for a heavy attack/stab but instead forces you to feint, this needs to be fixed ASAP. the alt stab bind is also a special character?
    -regular freelook turncap? i can’t look at someone as fast as i want and block? i get it, it’s to reduce people spinning wildly, but it’s too harsh.
    -i know exactly what side an attack is coming from to perform a counter, yet my character does the exact opposite swing i want them to do and i get a riposte (i.e. left counter when i want to do right). i think this has something do with the fact where the counter is beginning from. if it’s too far to the left/right of your swing it just continuously does the opposite side swing even thought i’m hitting the correct buttons.
    -if my LMB is bound to reg slash (right) i want my block to counter (RMB then LMB) to be a right counter, not left. i had to flip flop alt/normal attack binds just to get the desired effect on counters.
    -the animation of a primary weapon being thrown at you to getting hit at a medium to close range is insanely fast sometimes flat out unreadable.
    -arrows could probably have their projectile speed nerfed a little, ESPECIALLY xbows, or make xbow reload time longer. if neither seem
    -i wan’t to know how much stam/health my killer has, as well as how many times we’ve killed each other, basic stuff.
    -in dire need of the ability to use cancel attack to stop bandaging
    -the block lockout after getting hit seems to be longer than the attack lockout, that is back asswards. you see people attack instead of blocking someone comboing them. there shouldn’t be any instance where someone can start an attack and gain the upperhand while someone is actively comboing and facehugging them without blocking first.
    -feint(morphing feint) into block or cancel plz?
    -3rd person camera angle is terrible for throwing when trying to compensate for distance throws. char model just blocks the entire line of sight.
    -instances where i’m unable to do anything with my character atk/block/throw until hit by someone
    -overhead counters/riposte with the falchion seem to have some sort of insanely slow windup or release times. maybe i’m feinting on accident i’ll have to try them more.
    -no sound attacks from enemies, this means no grunt, swing and hit landing sound from enemies. i’ve noticed it’s mostly on stabs.
    -fix the stab animations, sometimes there’s no real dinstinct difference between windup/release animations.
    -the kick, oh the kick. overall just needs to be reworked. it ruins 1vXs and is just a fight ender. it’s literally a race to kick someone blocking because it’s a known fact there’s no recovering from it and is a free follow up hit unless the attacker misses their follow up attack.
    -hit registry, i’m already pretty lazy but i’m about to make a video of nothing but all the swings and stabs that go straight through people. also these scoreboard pings are not representative of what they actually are. my ping to west coast servers in almost every other game is consistently the same, except this one it’s magically cut in half.
    -jump needs to drain stamina?
    -having the slightest bit of higher ground on your opponent and you can’t block their slashes? will have to test more.
    -firepots last too long
    -fix grunting while feinting. there shouldn’t be any grunt during windup, only release.
    -footman bandages being thrown through the ground also doing damage to teammates and downing them, lol wtf. rework how they’re seen in a 3d space too, not a lot of people running to bandages on the ground to heal.
    -rework the knocked state system or remove it. no punishment system for teammate knocking you. i’d rather just die to a teammate then get knocked and give some opportunist a free kill. there’s also no announcement or info of what teammate knocked you, so 9/10 they’re getting away with their spam unless you pay real close attention to which 10 of the people it was behind you and find and beat the shit out of them. 9.9/10 the teammate that knocks you also isn’t going to revive you. speaking of revives, it’s almost become a community wide thing to just not revive teammates or kill them while they’re down, you can literally crawl through a sea of teammates not engaged in combat and not get revived, way too often. so do something to incentivize reviving if you keep this knocked state in the game. maybe add reflective dmg to those that just continuously bash teammates or try to kill downed teammates.

    -out of focus game mute PLEASE (alt+tab)
    -can’t votekick? trolls running rampant. also i can’t remember if it even shows team damage/kills etc. that’s important info for kicks. or else people are just going to troll kick a lot.
    -a more comprehensive and comparable weapon/class selection (i.e. dmg values for every type of atk with specified weapons)
    -varying degrees of audio quality in voice acting? need to remember which v oice
    -things that are not new keep showing up as new items in customization menu, need a “clear all new markers” option too.
    -cosmetics purchased with match earned gold seem to go back to being unpurchased. i bought the agatha brand imperfection and now i seem to have to buy it again. also imperfections aren’t bought across all 4 characters for each faction, which means it would cost 16,000 gold total just to purchase a single imperfection.
    -cudgel skins aren’t applying
    -place the preview voice button closer to the voice list in customization, i had no idea it was even there in the bottom right, the color kind of masks it against the background.
    -the hit markers and aim point are a little large for my taste, scale them down or allow us to do it ourselves and/or customize hitmarker colors/transparency etc.
    -first person spectator

    -turn off the bots, omg.
    -ragdoll meter is on 11 for some reason turn it down please.
    -the catas, i mean come on, did you not check the ridiculous splash damage these things do? it’s also a teamkilling nightmare esp when there’s a troll on it.
    -remove automatic sprint from every spawn except the match beginning cinematic stuff, i’m pretty sure this is the main reason for people not being able to sprint from spawn, because they’re already trying to sprint pre-spawn.
    -i’ve noticed in 3rd person, now and then will spawn and feet wont be moving while running
    -spawned as a MAA on tourny ground with agatha blue shield but on mason
    -instead of giving the option to defenders for a forward spawn, just force respawn them after 5 seconds of an obj being lost. it allows both attackers and defenders to group up instead of 6-8 people lingering for more than 20 seconds trying to kill one person that knows how to block.
    -the slightest fall while sprinting stops sprint, this is especially annoying when you are forced to drop down something from spawn.
    -points for healing are half that of what’s actually healed, so either change the numbers to match or
    -what mechanic decides dismemberment/flesh wound?

    -ambusher: needs buffing. faster return to sprint time? quiver is a more suitable ability for archers than it is this class. ambushers are usually in the front lines anyway so they should have some sort of team ability versus a measly reload of 7 throwing knives. it’s literally the worst ability in the game and it’s given to the worst subclass in the game.
    -ambusher: sprint attack does 17 dmg with scavenged halberd.

    PLEASE, PLEASE reply with more suggestions that I can add/edit to the post especially stuff I may have got wrong.