A few Questions regarding the Game

  • Hello,

    I’m new to this game, but I’ve seend a few things which I can’t explain me, so I have a few questions for these, because I might missinterpret them …

    • When I throw a sword at the Back of someone, while he is fighting at anyone at the other side, and he is blocking my sword - is this normal?
    • When someone tries to hit me and I’m hitting him first, he is Blocking my hit and immediatly hits me afterwards - is this normal? I know that you can Block and Conter, but I don’t mean such a scenario.
    • When I turn of crossplay (I’m on PS5) in the Score screen there are always half of the people having a “world” sign and no “playstation” - are they really playing on Playstation?

    Kindly regards,

    1. No its not normal to block from behind. Maybe a vid example?
    2. Dont know what you exactly mean.
    3. Deactivating crossplay dont work, seems like a bug.

  • Hi,
    1.) it was yesterday during some matches (crossplay activated). And it happend on a few players. I have seen them fighting on the other side and blocking mine from the back. Will try to take a video next time, never recorded anything on PS5 before sorry.
    2.) He was doing a sword attack against me, I hit at him, but it get’s blocked, then the sword attack continues. Maybe this is because of his movement, don’t know just look strange to me.
    3.) It seems to work partof. When it is disabled, there are less PC players in the “best 10” list at the end. And less strange behaviour …

    I keep an eye on it and upload a video next time.

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