Kill CAM / Tournament mode

  • Hello Good Sirs,

    Forgive me if these ideas were already passed along.

    1.Kill CAM - very self-explanatory, could be a server side or/and a client side option (completely cosmetic, something for the future reference).
    It could be cool to have the ability, kind of like in TF, to see the final “blow” to your face (possibly in slow motion - maybe only when dismemberment is happening).

    2.I know duel mode is confirmed to be looked into, but I was thinking more of a tournament mode Ala Quake, where there would be an actual tournament bracket, and lets say max 8 players. 1on1 would decide the next stage, until the winner (top 3 are confirmed). Others are obviously spectating while bloody mess is in progress.


  • Absolutely, this game needs a kill cam and Final kill cam in Team Elmination for sure.

  • Kill cam would definitely benefit this game in my opinion, some sort of finishing moves would mix well with it as well.I hope they can fix the major bugs soon so they can concentrate on adding stuff like this.

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