Chiv 2 veterans/top performers Discord (slightly sweaty) (no clan requirement)

  • (PC Players) THUNDERDOME

    Since it is really difficult to network in Chiv 2 (lack of messaging & links), I wanted to reach out to the top solo players tearing it up on the servers and build a place where independent veteran players could build a regular group of people they game with. I have found matches are always better when you can share the blood rage or a friendly grudge match. Currently, I am a level 86 Global Rank, 65 Knight that plays regularly throughout the week. I am aiming to build a place where competitive players can go, hang out, and run some games (chill and kill, not a WoW raid). Again there are no clan requirements, just a place to hack and slash with like minded gladiators. My aim is to get a solid group of regulars and have it grow over time to organize skrims, maybe even buy a server. If this sounds good and you want to check it out feel free to reach out. I also want to build a network for clans to skrim with as well so if you are a clan leader please shoot me a message, thanks. Happy hunting, cheers!