The Slaughter of Coxswell just isnt fun.

  • I’m fairly sure I’m not the only one who has had this experience, but the Slaughter of Coxswell just isn’t fun for Agitha, and could be an even better experience for the Masons.

    Phase 1 (Defending / Burning the village)

    • Agitha spawns outside city walls as peasants with reduced HP, damage and weapon variety. Forcing the team to suicide if they want to respawn as an actual usable class. Really funny cinematically, but horrible for actual engaging game play. Forcing people to lose a fight in order to progress is almost never a good idea for pvp interactions.
    • Before the outer gates to the village even go down, the objective for the masons is already filling up. No buildings burnt, gates still up. During this phase, Masons using a 1 handed weapon have a chance to spawn while holding a lit torch, which can be used to light up a building right away. No need to light the fires in the center of town. Effectively cutting out Agitha from being able to protect the objective.
    • Fun idea of an objective. But as it stands for Agitha, its a bad time. Let Agitha spawn as their actual class, or remove the respawn timers when they are respawning from the initial peasant death. Remove the masons chance to spawn with a torch, it removes the pvp aspect from the fight. Allowing them to just run up and toss a torch for free points.

    Phase 2 (Defending / Attacking the Town Square)

    • Phase 1 ends, Agitha’s spawn point is moves to the middle of a field in front of the wall, with no way to fall back into the walls without having to die. Once again forcing the team to either hide or fail and die in order to get to an actual defensible position.
    • Masons are now attacking the gate, what options do you really have to stop them? Toss rocks, sticks, random objects you can find down a slot above the door. Great this is fun! I do wish that there was a bit more to do besides either running out to the front and essentially crashing into the respawn waves of Masons, or standing above a hole and tossing rocks onto peoples heads. Maybe a pot of boiling oil? An additional ballista instead of the bell? Giving the defenders here another option for stopping or slowing down the attack on the gate would be a blast.
    • Adding an additional ladder or some mid-field cover for the masons during the gate phase may encourage more interesting wall/field fighting instead of encouraging people to just face bash the door until it comes down in 30 seconds.
      -Gates are down! Defend the gold from the invaders. Once again a great idea for an objective. The town square has barricades set up to slow down the enemy. But once those are down, theres no real way to control all the access point to the gold. Allowing Agitha to rebuild those barricades would be great. Would help encourage attackers to use the Combat Engineer class to break them down quicker.

    Phase 3 (Defend / Attack the Market)

    • Once again, the spawn points for Agitha start out on the outside of the new objective. Access points to the objective have been blocked off preventing Agitha from fully setting up defenses inside the market. Just move the spawn point to inside the market as soon as phase 2 is complete.
    • Entrances to the market are all blocked up. Entry way is full of wooden barricades. Once they are broken down, smart use of the surrounding braziers can help catch the attackers and delay their push a bit more. Great use of environmental traps makes this section a blast. I do wish all three entrances were identical, as it stands now the entrance on the far left (if facing out of the market towards the town square) is not set up the same, and is a lot harder to defend due to the lack of trap options.
    • The objective at this phase is the same as the previous, get the gold. Unfortunately, all the Masons have to do at this point is shove as much as they can into their little backpacks. No need to take it back to a central point. Just run in, shove the gold in your prison pocket, then die. I do feel like this section would benefit from having a centralized “return point” to turn the gold into. Something as simple as having to take the gold out of market, just past the entrance gates. Changing the objective to not just suiciding with a purpose, to a smash, grab, and escape.

    Phase 4 (Survive / Kill)

    • Attack on the final gate. Only note here is that the side gate needs additional HP added to it, or defensive traps. As it stands its way too easy to break into it. 3 hits for a single combat engineer, or 5 for just about anyone else.
    • Everyone I have talked to about this phase pretty much has the same thing to say. That the final part of this map is a joke. Its not meant to be an actual achievable objective for Agitha. If that’s the case, why not end the map at the end of phase 3? Forcing players to spawn as peasants isn’t fun. Once again your taking the choice of gameplay style out of your players hands.
    • If the final part of this map is intended to be a joke, why not add more traps and tools for the peasants to use? More fire traps, pits, boulders, giant Indiana Jones-style rock. Its not fun to have to just die over and over again in hopes that the Masons wont notice your team mate in the out house.
    • Either rework this last objective completely or turn it into a fun experience for everyone, not just the masons.

    Just in general, the Slaughter of Coxswell is the weakest of the maps we currently have in game. Without a doubt, its the only map that can hands down said to favor one team over the other.

    I hope that this all makes sense, and I would love to hear other peoples opinions on this map!

  • I recall this map in the beta actually being difficult for the attackers. I think TB tried to remedy this but over did it and yeah last phase “Survive the assault” is a joke. I’ve beaten it before by hiding in the market cause i never died. Pretty sure your not supposed to be able to do that but i did. They should just make someone a Duke and add barricades, traps, etc. I agree it needs work.

  • I agree, It is my least favorite map as Agatha.

    I have never won as Agatha once we get to the last stage. You can only win with you stop them in Stage 4-5 (stealing of the gold), been close on stage 2 (stopping the burning), in stage 3 it is possible if Agatha would actually fight in front of the gate instead of on the wall.

    If they would change the way of the last stage to actually give Agatha a chance I would probably love playing that map as Agatha. The whole running out of reinforcements to become a pheasant to lose the game sucks from a strategic point of view.

    1. Maybe have a capture point in the middle to flip? (NO PEASANTS)
    2. Take away the door on the left side for Masons?
    3. Make a closed gate in the middle for Masons to break down (Plus #2 above)? (NO PEASANTS)
    4. Have Masons have to destroy the gate at the back to win (with bombs or just hit)? (NO PEASANTS)
    5. More reinforcements (NO PEASANTS)?

    These would help Agatha not lose at the end so easily or even balance that map out. Right now… I only want to play Masons lol

  • I do completely agree with every word you said. This map is not intended for Agatha to win.

    The only point where you could try to stop the Masons is the Market, but it’s a hard task due to pick-and-die technique.

    You already said it all, thanks. Hope TB developers will consider this.

  • @mSnus I hope so as well. Not sure how active the mods are on these forums. But I hope they take a close look at the map at least.

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    @Sendrak The mods don’t work on the maps. We’re not even devs.

  • @Skindiacus Sorry, I misspoke. Meant the devs. I know you just moderate the forum.

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