PS4 Asia button error

  • ps4 asian version button input error.

    Republic of Korea. China. Japan. I’ve checked the error in 3 countries, most likely it’s an error across Asia.

    The game seems to have only Asian errors as it is an O.X button system based on North American standards.

    Classes cannot be changed during the game. Changing the arsenal doesn’t work.
    Menus and options are also unavailable.
    Only battles are possible within the game.

    There is only one way to change the combat class right now.

    When the game starts and you die for the first time
    You will see a menu where you can change the class and you can only change it once.

    On the Asian version of the PS4 system, the X.O button is set in reverse.

    I think.
    So it looks like the input button error occurred.

    The game becomes unresponsive even after changing the system settings O.X button.

    Sometimes some people solved the problem by changing the system button.

    However, many ps4 Asian users are upset that the buttons don’t work.

    I started to regret buying the game.
    Please fix and update ASAP.

  • Indonesian region is error too… i don’t know, the dev never respond about this problem. I’m already submit ticket but they answer is just will looked about this problem. I got 140.000 gold and still cant use any dime of it because character customization bug that maybe because of this button reverse problem bug

  • @LonePanda Everyone in Asia will be the same.

    You have to wait for the next update.

    Users are experiencing inconvenience due to the developer’s negligence.

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