10+ most annoying things in Chiv 2

    1. Definitely, most annoying and frustrating new feature is ‘You are leaving the battlefield’ and respawn process:
    • That limits your tactics to straight fighting without any ambushes or attacking enemy forces from the back.
    • It is buggy. Often you are thrown back in the middle of the fight or get spawned in a middle of a raging crowd of enemies
    • It is too unnatural. Teleports are unnatural, you know? :D

    At least the limits of battlefield should be extended

    1. Second of most annoying bugs is the server list.
    • It shows 40/64 for servers with 40 players limit, so they do not get hidden from the list with ‘hide servers with no slots’ checked
    • It often shows the number of players incorrectly, say 61/64 when server is full. So you are trying to connect and wait a minute just to get the message ‘Server is full’. The number remains the same, it is not getting updated correctly. So you can’t trust the number of players displayed.
    • We need not only ping, but also ‘server response time’, because servers often give you a short freeze not because of the network issues, but server CPU lag on complex scenes.
    1. Switching weapons is very slow, and sometimes does not work at all

    2. Tracing of fired stones/charges/ballista bolts is not possilbe as it binded to the ~ key which opens the console. Bind in to TAB please or middle mouse button. Also it would be nice to have trajectory of any own projectiles painted on screen for a pair of seconds.

    3. We need better stats on death. You just were alive and full of health and suddenly fall dead with message say ‘You were killed by Eric with damage of 15hp’. I guess this is just the last hit, someone did much more damage just before Eric killed me. I need to know how much damage I carried and who did it (maybe my own teammates? :D )

    4. Jumping should not be binded to the same SPACE key as side-sliding. Currently we have wery annoying jumps instead of sliding sometimes.

    5. Bots are dumb when it comes to Team Objective. Simply don’t know how to torch a barricade. They just gather around the campfire and do nothing. They should better just fight, that would give some sense. This is also the reason why Escape from Falmire always fails: dumb Hero don’t understand the objective. Same for Heir.

    6. When it comes to Deathmatch modes, the limits should be made in another way. When reaching a remain of 20, respawning should be stopped totally, but the fight should continue till the last man standing or 2 minutes of fight.

    This is especially important when you have bots on your team. Currently killing bots is a best strategy that gives you good advantage. With last man standing rule we will have a chance to fix the match in last minutes!

    1. Team damage should be increased, especially for archers and crossbowmen. At least to the half of normal damage, otherwise there is no reason to aim bow or stop the swing of the axe.

    2. Walking/running speed should be decreased when you are on battlefield.

    3. Axes are overpowered compared to swords. Crossbows are OP totally. I really love playing crossbowman, that often gives me 10:1 ratio without any effort. Presiously I loved messing with messer, but now it is quite useless. Short swordsman will very possibly kill you soon unless you manage to switch to secondary weapon. But it is too slow, see p.3

    4. We need to be able to choose the game laguage manually. My Russian translation is incorrect in many parts of the game, and sometimes texts overlap or unreadable beacuse of longer strings.

    5. I often get a message from Easy Anti-cheat for ‘Anti-cheat violation’. Don’t know what it could be.

    6. Most of helmets are covering the faces. Why to customize the face if you have helmet on it?
      The same applies to bonus armor we received with early pre-order. It covers any signs or wear style, and could not be customized at all. So you either use this shining armor or wear customized clothes.

    7. I would like to use same voice for archer, knight and vanguard, but the sets are different.

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