Projectile hitbox imbalance

  • Hello. So I have noticed that there isn’t equality with the hitboxes for projectiles in regards to enemy fire and friendly. I’ve been grinding Archer now for a while and I’ve hit level 48, and I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt that when it comes to friendly fire, if you shoot or throw a projectile in the vicinity of an friendly the chances of it hitting are FAR greater than an enemy. Also, if you shoot an enemy you can see the arrow go through them and yet it doesn’t register.

    Maybe I’m just a noob idk but I doubt it. All im asking is for you guys to look into the hitboxes and make it more balanced across the board. Thank you!

  • If the hitboxes on projectiles get reworked, then I think EVERYONE will enjoy the game more because nobody likes getting team killed by archers and as someone who plays the class alot, i dont like doing it lol

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