Anyone else feel that your own team is in way most of the time?

  • I like to play with a weapon that has a lot of reach. I will see 1 of my team struggling and I come to help from his left or right side, never straight on the backside. It’s like they will move in a way to prevent me from helping them like they’re afraid of losing a kill or something? What ends up happening I will back off a little bit, get hit though them and will both end dieing. It is even more frustrating when it’s bot on your team as it will just seem to cluster or follow team players and mess up your footwork.

  • I am one hundred percent certain that people block your swings and stabs because they want the kill. It is a huge reoccurring theme and happens dozens of times in every match, so. It is just kill-thirsty people really.

  • Ok, thanks I feel a little better knowing I am not the only one seeing this!

  • I try to find opponents in singles/doubles vs going straight into the herds…its a quick death lol

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