How's cross play going to work?

  • I have 2 versions of the game now PC and ps5. Just trying to play with my friends. On Pc version, I am going to be able to cross-play with people on ps4 and all the other console versions of the game? As it works now I can’t play ps5 version of the game with someone on ps4 or PC any console that is a PS5. I have load ps4 version on ps5 to make the party invites work! And PC I can’t seem to party with anyone who isn’t on the PC also. I just want to play with friends god dammit.

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  • @Skindiacus Awesome looking forward to this!

  • This game has been released way to soon: it s just not finished yet.The developers only did the minimum so the game can be played.
    There are many irritating bugs, but the biggest one is explained here: cross play doesnt work in a party. This is a big issue that should have been solved since release date. It’s been a month now.

    Chivalry is becoming Cyberpunk all over again they should stop rushing releases. and this is not the first game that does that. its most annoying and this tendency is appearing more and more in games

    How do I explain? this is called momentum. I am into chivalry NOW, and not in two months or so. I have to hold back friends, telling them we just cannot play it yet, while it has been released. If we can finaly party up in this game in two months, by than i will be in into another game as several new games derserve my attention too. the moment to party up will be passed by.

    So its simple. FIX THE DAMN ISSUE that should be already fixed on release

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    @Legio-Lazarus I’m sure they would fix it if they could. In the link up above, they say

    The work here is still very early and the team is evaluating several potential routes to bring this to players. Please continue to stay tuned to future updates.

    which makes it sound like it’s not a simple thing to make happen.

  • I feel for you Legio! I am very upset with the situation. The only thing I can even imagine is that making it work across all platforms together must be hard. As I have never seen a game yet that had it working 100% right! Still pissed as they very much imply we would be able to play together on anything ps4, ps5, pc, and the Xbox versions. Moving forward, how do we get game developers to stop doing stuff? I mean we’re all mad but still paying them! Hell, because of this I ended up buying the game twice. They made more money by releasing it in this state! Just seems wrong right?

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