Autobalance ruining my experience

  • I have been getting autobalanced in every single game I’ve been in, usually to the losing team. This time got me to make an account just to complain about it.

    I was moved during the last 10 seconds of a game.

    I played the entire round on the Agatha side only to lose because of autobalance. What’s the point of trying to win if I’m just going to lose due to a terrible mechanic like this?

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    @Fuelnir You’re just unlucky. I’ve almost never been autobalanced. Also, is getting autbalanced really worse than having unfair teams?

  • yes, it is worse indeed

  • I’m totally cool with the idea of autobalance, in fact, it’s a necessity.

    It can just come at very inopportune times in a match. For example, if I’m on a team and I’m pushing the objective, like running the explosives to blow up a door, and I’m the person on the team doing this, there’s some sort of sense of accomplishment there. If I do that and then get swapped to the other team after I secure the objective for my team, that sorta sucks.

    Perhaps getting it set up so there’s weight placed on when a player joined the match if possible?

  • I don’ t see how the option to change sides during a match is useful. On the contrary: it contributes to unbalanced teams as players on the losing side switch sides, and then one side has only some bots left.

  • NO longer an issue for me now as i get into good matches with 40.

  • Remove team switching mid to late match. Better yet, remove it altogether.

    Too many kids switching to the stronger or winning side during the match making teams unbalanced. Then the game autobalances some poor bastard (usually me) to take the kids place.

    TB didn’t think their autobalancing through at all.

  • No Team switching / auto balance after 5 / a few minutes into the game. Simple.

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