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  • I own Chiv 2 on PC, as does my friend. We bought the game to team up and play together (as we did with Chiv 1). What… the… actual…F… is going on with this. Its completly broken. We hardly ever show up as online, or in game. When we do, we send invites and these are never received. It can take up to 20 minutes to sort this out. Restarting the game, our PC’s, doing the tutorial (which we heard might help). Over, and over again. How can TB actually be ok with this? I think, at the very least, some formal apology is needed. I am literally at the point where I think I want a refund. The game has been out for several weeks, and I’ve heard nothing from TB about them fixing this. I’m so disappointed. This is a developer that I really like, and a game that I’m really in to. I think they’ve shown a real disregard for their fans here. Its one thing to release a game that has some bugs and needs patching… this is actually broken, and ruins the experience entirely. WTF TB?

  • It’s broken, has been broken since launch, and it completely inexcusable. I’ve never seen a company fail this badly at letting people play a multiplayer game with their friends. “Ok… im joining NA EAST 12345” “Got it… oh wait it’s full nm” (pauses 5 mins) “Ok, lets try NA Central 67890” “Joining… and it’s full”

    It’s a joke.

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    @noodlePancake The devs said on reddit that they encountered a bunch of unexpected issues with the patch, and they meant to have it out way sooner.

    For now just use the server browser to play with friends.

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