A Few Suggestions

  • Enjoying the game, definitely a great follow-up.

    There are a few, persistent issues I’ve noticed that aren’t a huge deal, but definitely make the game somewhat tedious at times. Then there’s just some ideas I’d love to see expounded on.

    • The bots suck. They just do. I understand wanting the games to feel full, but the bots add so little to actually help and the AI means they just get in the way. If they were perhaps open to commands from the player, like when you shout ‘forward’ and taunt if they’d go, that might be nice. But as they are now, they don’t add much and get in the way.

    • Javs being an archer class is sort of a bummer. The javs require a more aggressive style of play than archer does and the health on the class makes the skill gap for that one class alone quite vast.

    • While I like the idea of spawning at a running start, the way spawns are staggered is frustrating. When I spawn, running, someone spawning right in front of me or right in my path causes just as many logjams as stationary spawns in other games. It often feels like I’m running and directly pushing against the player next to me and we’re trying to go in separate directions, instead just going in an awkward straight line unless I stop my player and let him by.

    • Please make the team DM levels last longer. They’re usually done in the blink of an eye, even with the recent balance, and they’re some of the most fun little reprieves in the game.

    • I love the commend player command after dying in a good battle. Is it at all possible, as the person getting the kill, to also commend someone after you’ve defeated them? I understand the F keybind is used in battle, but perhaps after you receive a commendation a notice could pop up and allow you to return it, sort of like the K to respawn to the front command?

    • More throwable objects around the maps, please. Or at least have some respawn. They’re always great.


  • About the commend player feature, I d like to point out that it might be better for console players if they changed the button to command a player. Right now, it s the same button used for dodging/ dashing.
    As a result, I commended many players by accident, because i was still dashing atm i got killed

  • @Legio-Lazarus Oh no.

    I mean, that’s funny that you’re accidentally giving props to people, but that has to be obnoxious in those situations where you end up with like seven people slashing at you and the guy who had nothing to do with it gets the kill and is tea-bagging you and you commend him.

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