HELP BAD GLITCH screen color

  • So far I’m the only one of my friends with this glitch but it seriously worries me.

    No other game has this glitch, it happens every 2-3 games of chiv and only lasts the game I am playing. I have never encountered it across anything else. It’s not my tv it’s not my Xbox it’s not any other game just chiv 2.

    When I load into a game , any battle anywhere from 5% of my screen to 95% of my screen with be covered with what I can best describe as a color blinding layer of color . My screen literally just changes color . The intensity is different every time and with every color. But when it changes a color rendering me useless because everyone will just look red or just be blue or sometimes I’ve even seen green now. I don’t fucking get it.

    My screen literally changes colors. It’s like if you are using a old over head projector from school where you have to have all 3 sheets of Red Blue and Yellow to see all the colors . Expect it’s missing or two one of them damn sheets so everything just looks red . Or just blue . And again sometimes it’s not as intense so I can actually still tell the colors and play through it but God damn I would love to get this fixed.

    There is also one that seriously concerns me where an extremely intense bursting white and blue square about the size of a pencil eraser blooming on my screen. But it’s blooming and looks like it’s actually burning a hole in my tv at times. I’m worried if it doesn’t get fixed my tv will break becuase of playing this game which is sad becuase it’s one of the only games I get to play with my brother. So a broken tv would be worth the games I get to play with him. However nobody has money for an extra tv all the damn time.

    If anyone else has this issue or a fix or can get a dev to see this I would greatly appreciate it …

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