Wheres my team

  • I cant tell you how many times I’ll be playing team objective or TDM and i find myself fighting five people, wondering where my teammates are. Then i realize they are all on a 20 second timer waiting to respawn. I understand not everyone is capable of fighting off multiple opponents and they quickly get slain but trying to lump as many people as you can in a single respawn pool is frustrating some times. I think instead of trying to gather everyone in the same big pool u could make 2 smaller ones or something. This problem really shines on the defensive side of Objective based maps. I also know you dont want to fast of respawns cause nothing would get done but i feel a little tuning to the size and time of the respawn pools would be nice. Anyone else notice this when they are playing

  • @Fatal-Bullet-4U I feel it too. I will give an example of what has been happening to me too often. Me and 2 other guys will be defending the object vs about 8 other guys attacking. And I am wondering how we are always outnumbered when defending? Then I see a group of 5 guys going around ganging up on guys that are alone on the other side of the map close to where attackers are spawning! I guess they’re not being useless but damn I feel people are just playing for a high kill death ratio in the team objective mode. It’s not a team deathmatch. Those maps work well as people just want to kill! Team object maps just seem like maybe 10% want to play objective and others just want to rack up kills. Maybe staggering into two spawns groups might help both problems. But then you get the problem with people setting up by spawn and camping people. The only counter I can think of to this spawn camping is spawning in groups.

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