Variable weapons

  • Weapons feel very inconsistent, arrows and bolts feel like they have different flight speeds at the same ranges, My sword will at one point cut somebody but at that same point phase through at another time. Arrows and bolts will clearly hit their marks and just do nothing, and im not talking about the tracer, its the actual arrow. Javelins for some reason have shorter range then the dagger at times, which, thats neat to deal with, its not like anyone takes this game seriously enough to get frustrated, because its a clown ass game. Consistency would be nice though, also dont know if yall know this or not but cross play still isnt working.

    Hit boxes are wonky as well, we ran a few tests just to check and they seem to morph on the same models. Standing still at times i was able to graze an arrow past my buddy, and the next time firing in the same spot it would result in a hit. We thought it was just programmed spread or something on both the bow and the crossbow, but nope, its genuinely phasing through the character models in some instances and in other instances that same path registers as a hit. there were 4 of us running tests so we know its not the internet thats the issue.

    You have got some work to do, or you know, dont no one takes this game seriously anyway so our expectations are pretty low, and youre still kind of under the bar a bit.

    oh also i know the game is set in medieval europe kind of deal, but the weapon skins and just skins in general are kind of drab and depressing. You did a good job depicting the time obviously but this is a video game, and i want like…flames around a sword or water running down the blade or a sword with particle effects that isn’t a lightsaber because I’m sick of light sabers. Just something to spend my money on because ive got a whole bunch because there isn’t dick diddly to spend shit on. Just nice cosmetics that DONT EFFECT GAMEPLAY and just look nice, maybe even nice cosmetics for doing certain things in game like killing 15 people in 10 seconds or some weird shit.

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    Yeah the hit registration is a little bit messed up right now. They know about all of that. That stuff is getting worked on for future patches I think.

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