Wake me UP....

  • when there is finally a F******* patch.

    Or when september ends.

    whatever comes first.

    This aint funny anymore.
    Almost one month after release still not a single fix.

    I still can’t play with my friends on the SAME platform, so i don’t play at all.

    My guess right now is that TB is only two people who released a buggy, unfinished game and went to vacation.

    And plz don’t come with “the poor souls at TB are working night and day…”

    If i would give my boss something half done like this game and went unresponsive for a month i would definetly be fired.



    • you won’t be able to play but hey ;) -

  • I think, many people are waiting for the patch.
    Last time i played, the servers were filled with many bots (random 64players).
    I don’t like to play against bots.

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    Here’s what they posted to the Discord:

    We have seen that some players are frustrated and concerned about the lack of concrete timeline regarding the release of Patch 2.0.1. We understand the frustration, but we also do not want to promise a specific date in advance right now, just in case things change. We are optimistic that the first patch is not too far off with July set as the ETA for this patch. We will be providing progress updates on this as we able to.

    We want to assure you that 100% of our team are working their butts off on post-launch improvements and new content. There has been no downtime since the June 8th launch and we’re busier than ever. It is unfortunate that our patch output so far hasn’t been able to reflect this, but it will soon. We appreciate your patience with us, and your continued support.

  • well, the last timeline for this patch was “late june”, what imo is a joke for a 100% PVP based game since many things didn’t and still don’t work.

    maybe they should try “hopefully in 2021”, i am getting tired of checking almost evereyday if there finally has been an update.

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