Autobalance isn't a new issue but it really needs some heavy tweaking.

  • It just feels awful to work for your team, winning or losing, only to have all your work completely negated by an autobalance in the last half the game. It’s incredibly discouraging having had it happen probably every other match now, it makes this game hard to recommend to anyone since I know just how pissed they’ll be at this terrible little feature (not terrible in principle or concept, but simply in its aggravating execution) and knowing that at any point anything you do to work for your team’s success can be swept away at a moment’s notice.

    I don’t know what a solution is, but I just know that this feature is really killing my mood to play this game, and it’s a fantastic game otherwise. It’s legitimately the only pvp game that hasn’t frustrated me in any aspect other than this one awful little feature (again, not awful in concept nor in principle, just in practice.) Maybe stop manual team changing after 25% through the match? Disable autobalancing when halfway through any game?

    I don’t mind being switched, but being switched after spending half a match or more working for my team is very demoralizing and it happens very often. Very, very often. It needs tweaking because it just plain sucks.

  • can be swept away at a moment’s notice

    Made even more frustrating when your team is seconds from victory (< 10 seconds in a couple of cases), and autobalance picks you.

    Maybe stop manual team changing after 25% through the match?

    Heck, even disabling team switching after an auto balanace (for a set period of time, at the very least). I’ve seen a number of instances where I get auto balanced from Agatha to Mason (for example), followed by a handful “<player> has switched to Agatha” messages and Agatha having a numbers advantage, defeating the purpose of an autobalance.

    If the surprise factor was removed by indicating that an auto balance was going to be performed in, for example, 30 seconds (provided the teams didn’t naturally balance themselves during that timeframe), then it becomes a lot more tolerable.

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