Long/short sword spam negate?

  • Hello! So let me say firstly that I love this game and I’ve been enjoying since open beta. I’m quite experienced I would say as I have put quite a lot of hours into this game so far.
    With that said, I wanted to address one particular thing that has been really bothering me and I can’t seem to find a way around or a punish for what I know all players have experienced.
    Literal SLASH SPAM with the quicker weapons is very predictable. I thought that the “counter” attack would prove to be a viable way to punish such encounters, yet I see they are still blocked 90% of the time. Even when I jab my opponent mid-combo, I often cannot pull off a successful attack without being parried/countered. I find myself being overwhelmed without a reliable punish for such predictable play styles and I cannot for the life of me seem to overcome the simple onslaught of slash spam.
    Please share your ideas on ways around this or if this is something that should perhaps be tweaked in the future updates. Thanks for reading and considering!

  • I think whilst it might be annoying, I know what you mean by these spam mechanics you mentioned. It is possible to counter any attacks people bring out one way or another. Whilst they are spamming their fast attacks with these weapons you can dodge, feint or kick them. I know they like to kick with short swords, so whilst they do that maybe you could expect your opponent to do this at times and hit them with an attack of your own.

    Players a lot of the time will stick to one tactic, so whilst in a fight you should have plenty of time to choose a counter.