(PC) Spastic Mouse!

  • Hi All,

    I’m new to the Chivalry world, I have a couple weeks under my belt playing Chivalry 2 on PC and really enjoying the game so far. That being said, there’s been one issue that began in the past couple of days that’s been driving me bonkers, hoping others can chime in to either confirm or deny the same issue I’m having.

    The first week and a half of playing, I was playing around with my mouse sensitivity settings, getting it dialed in. I landed on a nice sensitivity setting using my Corsair M65. I use a 1000hz polling rate, usually 400 DPI. Before I continue, I want to confirm my mouse is working fine in other games, I play many other games and have NO issues like the one I’m about to discuss.

    I play the various game modes in Chivalry 2, mostly 64 and 40 player matches, with some FFA mixed in there. Things will start out fine usually, but at some point in a match my mouse sensitivity will seemingly spike. Not just a little, I mean drastically! Even the slightest mouse movement turns my character into a ballerina; looking left/right/up/down becomes impossible difficult because it’s like my mouse is suddenly at 1 billion DPI and the highest game sensitivity setting. Obviously this makes it impossibly ineffective to aim/swing/do anything productive. This scenario puts me at a huge disadvantage, almost always resulting in my death. This seems to occur mostly just after performing a heavy strike, or when I am downed, but I can’t say for sure that’s the only movements that causes it to happen. I found I can, “fix,” this by quickly changing my DPI setting from my mouse (while hopefully backpedaling/scrambling and trying to evade enemies while performing this fix), and then back to my previous setting, and the issue recovers for a time, but will do it again later. During the sensitivity spike, my mouse never changes DPI (my DPI is color coded, so I’m always in “yellow - 400 DPI” these days). So whatever is happening seems to be in-game.

    I’ve even wondered to myself (because I’m stumped and am pulling at strings), is there some, “cheat,” being used by some players that causes enemies (me) to lose functional mouse control, or increase MY mouse sensitivity for enough time for me to be slaughtered? It’s just strange that it only happens sometimes, and all too convenient timing when I’m getting ready to land a blow, that the mouse sensitivity suddenly goes haywire. Never when I’m by myself, but ALWAYS when I’m near an enemy, attacking.

    Or, maybe more likely, a bug? Anyone else experiencing this?

    Thanks all


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