ps5 steelbook edition still no bonus content. ticket open for 4 weeks

  • I’m getting really pissed off. my ticket has been open for almost 4 (!!!) weeks and I only get standard replies over and over again. we are on. we take care. bla bla bla. But it doesn’t happen.

    I have pre-ordered. a wonderful steelbook edition with all bomus content and so far have not received any of it!

    can you really not manage to fix this bug?

    is that a beta version that you have sold here? there is no big difference to the beta. Oh but. it was free.

    my throat is really bursting. I don’t know such lousy support from anyone. is that really your idea of support? you can’t get the customer to get their paid content during this time?

  • Global Moderator

    Hi. I talked to a dev and they recommended you try contacting support again.

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