Controller rebind on console

  • I would like to know if there any plans of letting us rebind controls on the consoles as I really hate your controller layout. I have the game both on Pc and ps5 and I would play only ps5 if I could rebind that dam controls. As stands now I play on pc just so can edit controls to work halfway decent with a controller.

  • As a seasoned For Honor player, I am used to have other controller bindings indeed, and I dont seem to get used to the chivalry bindings. For instance, to cancel a move its square and circle is kick. In FH its the opposit.
    So quite confusing.
    Also, the fact that the key to commend a player, is the same used for dodging/ jumping.
    I understand that some of the bindings should not be able to be changed, like slashing for instance, cause you need that trigger for that. But there are several other bindings that need to be looked at

  • @Legio-Lazarus I have the most trouble when i like to push someone because you have to click the right analog stick. Sometimes he pushes sometimes he dodge. Also it messes up my aim because clicking and aiming isnt that easy because every time you click you cant aim precise.

    The other worst thing is kicking because you cant aim at all, every time you kick you have to left your finger from the analog stick.

    And i also have trouble switching weapons, most time i press the wrong direction on the D Pad and if you want open the turn wheel you have to hold D Pad right so you cant move XD

    My biggest question is why is the left analog stick click not bound to anything. Why is there not for example the push button, or the kick?

  • @Maggi Left stick click is bound to alternate swing

  • @bigsandwich-925 What do you mean with alternate swing. Can you explain it? Myabe i learn something new ;)

  • So you know how first is always right to left if you hold alternate swing it will swing left to right. Stab and over have left and right side to if want alternate the side again hold down alternate swing.

  • @bigsandwich-925 Im not shure if i understand it ;) I mean yes a swing is always from right to left ok but if i just tap LT/Block on Xbox and swing, he will swing from left to right.
    But you talking about an alternate swing with the left analog stick and clicking? Is what you mean, what i said with LT Swing or do you mean something different?
    Or do you mean if i stand still and click and hold the left analog stick he will swing from left to right same like pressing LT?

    I know there is an option alternative swing you can enable and then he will swing depending on the side your walking. You walk left he will swing from r to l and if you walk to the right he will swing from l to r.
    But this have nothing to do with clicking the left anaolog stick.
    So im still a little bit confused ;)

  • @bigsandwich-925 Ok i find out i have to hold it to swing from another direction. Its like clicking LT but with a different animation.I didnt know this so thx, i learned something new. Maybe you can teach me more Senpai?

    Do you know what a counter feint is? Because sometimes in the tips the game says i can do counter feint but i dont have a plan what this means.

    Also on Pc i see people can do some weapon tricks like spining their weapon and stuff like this but i dont know how to do this on console. Maybe you know?

  • Yeah so start a normal counter by attacking from block position before finishing the attack simply press a different attack button it changes the attack into that attack just like a normal feint. Or talking about countering another player’s feint? You just mirror his attack back after the feint you have read and change you’re to attack the feint just changed their attack into this one harder move to do in the game. The spin move you’re talking about is a flourish: its xbox controller bind is list stick click + x playstation bind left stick click +circle.

  • @bigsandwich-925 thx for your answers ;) I dont know why the game doesnt tell me this things, especially alternate attacks and stuff like this. i mean the tutorial is ok but there are a lot of things missing.

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