Console controls

  • So I play on XSX and I wanted to change the button layout, but am not seeing any options for this. I’d be very surprised if we are not able to edit the button layout.
    The main problem is with crouching. It seems counterintuitive to not have the crouch hold be on the same stick as walking. It’s kind of hard to swing your weapon and crouch at the same time, making the crouch obsolete, when it could change the dynamic in a fight. I don’t really use alt attacks but I think it would make more sense as a right stick click and toggle as it only registers half the time I attempt to use it anyway. Sure it might be more noticeable to the enemy that you switched hands but feinting seems to work better for throwing off an enemies guard.
    I also feel I would put jabbing as a Y button to go along with kicking as B. Special attack could be moved to duel triggers as I don’t think anything is there.
    And to finish off my rant, f*** the control sticks as an active button. It’s great for clicking once and toggling something, but as an active event button it’s kind of a nuisance (think zoom and crouch in halo). Video game companies should add buttons along the grips for pinky/ring fingers or add additional paddles under the triggers as a standard.

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