Why does it take so long to get a patch?

  • I am frustrated and sad.

    The game has been out for about a month and we still didn’t get any patch whatsoever.
    I love this game (combat is amazing!), but all these small bugs and annoyances (e.g. friend menu issues on EGS) are slowly turning this into a love-hate relationship.

    To me it is baffling why Torn Banner Studios seems to be waiting to have that “One Big Patch” instead of releasing smaller increments to tackle a few issues at a time.

    Sorry if this post is being perceived as useless, but I needed to vent my frustration and wanted to make a point that (from my perspective) this strategy isn’t much appreciated.

    I hope this can be changed in the future, this game deserves to be a long-term success! :)

  • i agree and they still havent fixed that out of bounds glitch some players do to win the game.

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