Suggestions for Consideration...Torn Banner please read!

  • I will begin by saying that I absolutely love this game. Never played Chiv 1, but I am pleasantly surprised. I am 52 years young and am fortunate to have found something so fresh and visceral. You have built one beast of a game with Chiv 2. I am aware that an update is being prepared; I would like to offer my perspective and thoughts on what I think might help the overall experience.

    Spawns: There should be a short period of 'no team damage taken" when spawning. For reasons unknown to me, spawned players LOVE to practice their swings at spawn, knowing that other spawned players are there as well, gleefully handing out team damage. Can’t stop them, but this would help. Also, spawning a quarter mile away from the objective is not helpful and takes away a lot of the excitement. Spawning and seeing the “deserting” alert immediately makes no sense.

    Team Damage: This needs attention, ASAP. Under NO circumstances should your death come from team damage. There is no way to stop players from wildly swinging in a group, but they should be punished for it. We all do it…it’s unavoidable. Use stabs and overheads folks, it’s not about max kill count, although a lot of you don’t care. Force them to care. Perhaps the first incident will be a free pass; after that you take damage as well. 4th incident brings a semi-permanent stamina loss (until re-spawn) and after that, you get kicked if voted out. I’m sure that’s not ideal but just throwing it out there. It’s unacceptable to die from team damage…this is not a sim, it’s a game.

    Ballerinas: Incessant, 360 degree damage-dealing spins have to go. The longer the swing, the more stamina should be used…or a cool down to their ability to block. Really ruins the vibe and requires little skill to do. This is a game of skill.

    One-Hit Kills: Unless it’s balista or trebuchet damage you shouldn’t die from one blow, especially with full health and a shield. As a knight I have been one-shotted too many times. If you’re good then you’re good…but this isn’t that. Imbalanced IMO.

    Blocking: Please fix the inconsistent blocking. I have had to back out of matches recently because block isn’t working at all .seriously. I do know there are folks out there using aimbot/software pc hacks (the videos are out there and I have encountered folks who have taken 8 hits from a longsword and didn’t turn a shade of red). I think it lies in the timing or the way the game reports damage seemingly AFTER the blow lands. Seems off.

    Fire: If we can’t tone down the fire damage, or extend the duration that it applies damage, can we make at least it easier to see? It seems OP and being on fuego in a group…well, you might as well just back away from the controls. You WILL die. And it will hurt the whole time.

    Range Issues: All I can say here is that in 3rd person weapon range is inconsistent. Seems I am in the hitbox but no dice.

    Archers: Everyone’s favorite topic lol. To be honest, they do have legit concerns but at the end of the day, it’s too easy to die from archer damage. No chance to block, and if your in their face or a mile away they do the same damage, no matter. In wide open fields you will pull your hair out. Jumping or shifting does squat. Survive the damage while chasing them down, surrounded by the enemy and you MAY take them out, after three hard shots. Archers are OP. Longer shots should mean less damage and less accuracy. This game was constructed around a period of time BEFORE Hawkeye. This can be a better experience for everyone. How about a “no archers” game mode?

    Kicking: If you land a kick, then you should have THE CHANCE to steal the initiative from the enemy. In reality, 80% of the time they shake it off and land a strike on you. This is broken.

    Spawning as Farmers Against Armed Soldiers: Nothing more needs to be said.

    I know there’s more that isn’t coming to mind right now, but those are my major gripes. I am not degrading the game; it has the potential to be on every gamers ‘must have’ list. I want to see it succeed and mature to be something we can all play for years. Hats off to you Torn Banner! All in all, I still enjoy playing. Please take this as a player wanting to see this community grow.

    Thank you for a fantastic game experience.

  • @robsuro

    Team Damage:
    i beg to differ, i played Chivalry 1 many hours. you had simply to learn how to fight in groups, i.e. only stabs/overhead hits. of course there is some unavoidable team dmg, that’s just how it is

    imo the team damage in C2 is way too low, too few team kills and so no reason to change your way to play.

    in C1 you simply were removed from the game if you dealt too much team dmg. i kinda miss that, right now so many players just brainless swinging in groupfights

    interesting idea “The longer the swing, the more stamina should be used…or a cool down to their ability to block”
    actually only seen one of them ‘ballerinas’ yet

    One-Hit Kills: doesn’t the knight outlive one arrow in the head? the other one with shield: well, if it’s a headshot.

    Kicking: you’re only good to kick if your opponent is blocking, then he will get stunned and you definetly have initiative

  • @Z4mp4l0 Thanks for bringing your perspective; much appreciated. Never played Chiv 1 and but seems the team damage model from Chiv1 would work well. I did not clarify that I have not experienced one-hit kills with arrows to the head…only melee weapons. Tried to cover too much at once. I will re-visit kicking in-game with the information you gave…thanks again.

  • It s true that what they trying to achieve is far from easy, but it has been a month now, and I think they should have given themselves some more time in order to achieve what was set. End of story, its just another ripp off. Great concept though, only released two months too soon. Its a petty. I propose they would bring the price up from the start, then developing a game that was ready from the start, ready to play??
    We all payed for the real version, and what we get is still a beta version, even without the opportunity to play in party: That’ s really a big shame. I like the game big time, dont get me wrong. I just think TB has underestimated what they bare trying to achieve.

  • I think you guys from TB have a lot of work to do. this game has such a potential, but it seems (that you guys from the start didnt take it serious), this game is about to break trough, but it cannot with all those basic bugs and issues. Here goes another exemple of releasing WAY too soon.
    If I show this game to friends, they are all interested, until they hear about the common issues, that should been rare issues, so: get to work, you are obliterating a potential great game

  • We were promised otherwise, regarding the contract we ALL signed in pre order. Time to meat your commitments. Never had this, exept for Cyberpunk of course. I know its not easy, but promising what you cannot do is considered as a straight ripp off by me so far. There was still the option of testing, and testing BEFORE release. Its simply not fit to be released yet:

    Still a shame for such a great game…

  • And I hope you get to work very soon, cuz you already have your money from folks that preordered. Eventhough I do it myself, pre ordering is ruining overall game development, resulting in games that are released too soon and even maybe never will be finished entirely. Why even bother finishing a game if everyone already preordered? Imo, TB should have invested more time and money in development, and not for publicity.
    So: Thanks for my money. Money for nothing.
    Just stop this awkward tendency of releasing unfinished games tout court.

  • @robsuro if just the numbers of hp for every class weren’t buggy (all the same) so we would know how much hp everyone really has, but it seems even THAT is not fixable by TB

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