Will my laptop be able to run chivalry?

    VIDEO CARD: Nividia Geforce 540m 2gb
    Memory: 8gb
    Hard drive space 679MB

    In what settings will i be able to run this game? and how many fps do you think i will run this game on?

  • On low settings with med texture quality, it should be fairly playable. The game still looks fantastic with those settings. I’m guesstimating maybe 30 min fps in intense fights, but don’t quote me on that.

  • its my video card bringing it down right?

  • @hartils:

    its my video card bringing it down right?

    I run a very high end setup with all settings on low to maintain 80+fps in fights except:
    textures high
    dynamic lights on
    character detail medium
    detail medium
    particles medium

    The game still looks very good. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. But you really need to try it to be sure.
    Maybe someone will write a review…

  • I have a proBook 4720s and it runs the game on low with medium textures on 720p resolution just fine. So yours should fly away.

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