Questions about game

  • Let me just say,I really like the game,but there are some things wrong.Why are 2 handers,especially axes so powerful? Don’t you think it’s a tad excessive to have them be able to one shot? Why are swords so weak? Why when i go to hit someone when they against a wall it saids I miss ,even when I’m right on them and says I hit a wall? WHY IS THE NO 1 V 1 IN THIS GAME? Why certain maps one side have a 10 sec respawn and the other 15? Dont ya think that’s a huge gap? Would 12 or 13 be sufficient? Why are spears allowed to stab and back dodge spam? Why javelins take so much damage when thrown? Why are archers allowed to run bk to desertertion zone?why people with shields still block you, when there guard isn’t up? Why does my block button with sword gets locked when I get hit sometimes? Why does the multi repioste with multiple people inaccurate? Why does it seem like the sword trust is less accurate then a 2 handed? Why is a 1 handed warhammer stronger and faster then a 1h sword? Why isn’t there more cosmetics ? Why isn’t there voice chat? Or have guild rooms? With voice chat added. 40 v 40 with guild and 1 v 1 with voice…this game be off the chain…

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