Shovel Doing 90 Dmg?

  • Say what you will, but if I have steel plate armor on, how tf is a shovel doing 90 dmg overhead? Power swing or no, this is dastardly. I’m not complaining because I get owned every time (I dodge lol) but this is going too far 😂

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    @Pewgan Shovel is busted imo

  • When you compare shovel damage to other weapons damage it doesn’t seem out of wack. Here link with all weapon damages for every attack type with every weapon in a nice spreadsheet! this is not my work this spreadsheet was made by KingLouie111 it from his youtube channel

  • shovel overpowered, Idk: if I play a footman equiped with a shovel I have to hit a knight like 4 times before he dies, while he can kill me in two hits. One can argue about using slashes instead of overheads, but still somebody has to explain to me why I have to hit twice as much the character class which I am supposed to be good against. Shovel should yield a 50 % damage bonus against knights.
    Imo, if their is one class being overpowered, it would be the knight’s one. Almost no one plays the footman class by the way, only bots

  • you can also argue about the release cooldown on dashes/ dodges and the difference in attacking speed, but I dont think its gonna cut it, the way parametres are set right now

  • Showel does not so much damage, but allows to break an opponent’s attack. So fighting against two opponents, one with showel and one with axe is a constant loose.

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