Can the bots go pls they are so dumb or a group up with bots command is needed.

  • Im not a fan of bots dont matter which game because bots are always dumb and never can mimic a real player.

    But the bots in Chivalry are super dumb ;)
    I watched some of the bots and i mean whats wrong with the dudes.
    I watched a bot on Darkwood who spawned and then runs again a fireplace gets knocked back and runs again in it, he does this 4-5 times and then died XD

    I saw a bot who tries to kill me while i standing next to a ammunition box he was unable to reach me because there where this little rocks in his way. So he runs again the rocks moves 5 meter back then runs again the rocks. After i killed him he was back after a min and he does the same thing again. Someone have to tell the dude that he could jump.

    Also i noticed when a bot once target you he will only target you and ignore anything else dont matter where you go or how many people on his way.

    And the most i hate is that auto track bots have. They know where you are without seeing you. You can hide in the woods under a tree but the bots coming straight for you and reveal your position.

    Also bots are unable to play the objective. They just group up at the fireplaces or they just stand around because they cant get up a simple ramp or anything else.

    It would be cool if we can give the bots orders like i put my crosshair on a bot and click group up with me and then the bot will follow me and then i could put my crosshair on an enemie player and then say attack and the bots will attack this player. It would be kinda cool if i could have a group of bots follow me.
    Also this would solve the inactive bot problem when they just stand around and dont know what to do. Because if they follow me they only have to follow my tracks and this is easy to programm. So in this case bots would finally get able to go to the objective on some maps.

    Something has to change with this bot or just remove them from game.

  • Have noticed they are unable to throw anything too!

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