Bug/Comments Report

  • I have played since day 1 and have noticed some bugs and other concerns that have not been addressed.

    1. The War Horn works correctly about 66% of the time. When it doesn’t work I either don’t get healed, other people don’t get healed/revived, and/or I don’t get the points

    2. The timing of deflecting attacks has noticeable bugs. Such as if you deflect someone with an obviously heavier weapon, why do their light attacks swing faster than my lighter weapon. I have noticed this mostly with the two handed war axe (double sided axe) swinging way faster than it should

    3. When winding up an attack, someone walking by behind me shouldn’t take the same damage as the person I’m unleashing that swing at. There should be a reduced damage taken if its during the wind up period.

    4. There needs to be an automatic boot once someone has accumulated a certain amount of team kills. Allowing someone to continually use the catapult and destroy their own team is game ruining.

    5. Several times I have either died to or hit someone into a trap on the map (like the spikes on the walls in the fighting pit) and I don’t get a death to give credit to the person that killed me or I don’t get credit for killing someone.

    6. There needs to be a revamp of the party system and connecting with other players. There is no way to foster a community in game because you won’t be able to connect with someone unless you have them as a friend on discord or steam already. There needs to be some guild or clan system designed to bring even more draw to connecting with each other. Currently this game exists as a time killer, play for a few games and hop off and play by yourself because its too much of a hassle to play with friends.

    7. FIX BLOCKING. It is unbelievable how the block function decides to not work randomly. It’s as if for certain weapons, the area defined as where the weapon should bock incoming attacks is incorrect. I have literally been blocking the incoming attack that is right in front of me, made sure my weapon is actually blocking it, and still get hit. For a game that is so dependent on where your weapon actually is, this must be fixed

    8. Fix how weapons go through players. If my weapon will swing through multiple enemies, then that should hold true for teammates as well. My attack shouldn’t stop because my teammate is blocking when it does not do that for enemies.

  • Sometimes shields you pick don’t switch to your team’s color. Sometimes traps/barricades you place is the wrong team color. When you get low health you hear a heartbeat effect sometimes when I respawn I still hear the heartbeat effect while full health. Maybe not a bug but the layout of desertion on most maps needs to be looked at. Specific example battle of Coxwell glitch is where at the end of map when you have to kill all the soldiers somehow people are going and hiding in the desertion zone where I get to them without the desertion zone killing me. Other times the game says I am deserting when I one guy vs 3 on top of that it will turn my screen black 3-5 seconds but I can still move and hear the fight and then before to die to them or despawn I will try setting up my capture card to get some video as I need proof and I am not very good at describing what’s happening.

  • Also, there is a bench on Coxwell if you sit on it and get back up it makes you just short making you harder to hit.

  • Couch toggle doesn’t work if you use a controller on the PC version at least.

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