Half baked crossplay

  • Come on TBS it’s 2021. How about making the game a true full crossplay. I bought this game (Chivalry 2) on PC with the understanding that it was going to be supporting actual crossplay. I told my brother and friends about how fun it was (when playing the alpha and beta) and convinced them to get it on their platform (XBOX). The game drops and we all get it, disappointment ensues. Then I see that crossplay issues are to be fixed with the next patch (that took too long). As I’m waiting for this fix I look into it again and find out that you aren’t making this game a true crossplay game. You’re making it a half baked crossplay game. WTH, why? Just do what COD did with making it an option to play together or not.

    I honestly hope this wasn’t just a cash grab by you guys because from what I can see on this “official” forum you aren’t communicating at all with the community. Not good

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