Wtf was that XD This guy is like 130cm big, looks like a child. With clip must watch

  • I was playing with friends then one of my friends say look there is one whos like a minion hes really small and then we saw this guy XD
    I mean what is this? Its really funny but is it a bug or a mod/cheat e.t.c?
    The thing is after he got killed we didnt saw him again.
    Did you ever saw this in your games.

    I wish i could be that small for some rounds because it looks like fun.

    Heres the clip

  • I am not going to say where but there is a bench that’s bugged on Coxwell if you sit on it and get back up it makes you short like that it’s a bug!

  • @bigsandwich-925 Bro this is not how it works XD You know if you dont tell me i will test every bench on coxwell and hope its not a joke ;) I hope they dont fix this because its just funny and i think not mutch player will discover and use this and i dont think you gain a real advantage with this bug, its like the skull on wardenglade 99% of the time its still there when i join mid match. So when i looked at the clip i guess it must be on the upper half of the map ;)

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