Mouse Stutter/ High polling rate mouse extreme bad performance

  • Have a Logitech G502 Hero, 1000 Polling Hz rate.

    When i move my mouse even in the main menue the fps drops down to 3 so basically not playable.
    The devs wrote: " 09/06/2021 12:38 PM

    Our team is currently investigating why mouse polling rates may be affecting performance. Please try adjusting your mouse polling rate to a lower number (125-250) and see if this helps."

    How the fuck this is still not fixed i fucking pre ordered ur game and i didnt even finish the tutorial. Well i coundt, cause the performance is so damn bad i cant hit anything. I trusted you, i emailed you but no answer.

    Its 2021, how hard can it be to fix this issue?? Yes i can turn down my polling rate but it doesnt fix the problem, i still have extreme bad fps drops when i use my mouse.

    The Logitech G 502 Hero is not an old mouse nor is Logitech a bad complay, the mouse works fine is every other game. FIX IT

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