So when finaly?? answer now

  • TB staying silent all the time.
    Now, everyone knows this patch is just another joke.
    There are a few changes in the parameters, and thats it. It is still the same unbalanced and unfinished game FILLED with bugs, bugs and again; bugs. And I hope they will succeed to fix them one day. This patch wasnt only useless, it was also way later than it was planned: so are you planning, TB, to do the same with the next patch enabling us to party up.
    Talking to TB is like talking to a wall it seems…
    So, this is what everyone already knows, but here is the real question whereto TB still hasnt answered yet in seven weeks since release date:

    I want an answer this time and I think many folks do want that too; time to update us for real
    This is the feature which of their publicity campaign;
    Its like selling a rhino without the horn

  • Hi my friend !

    Unfortunately for you, no one answers… 8 views and not a single comment, it’s heartbreaking!

    Actually, we don’t really know when this will be available and despite their roadmap, it’s in preparation, but when? That is the question…

    We are all waiting for this June day and release it is for all frustrating to the day that a game of today without Sort that we can join … Different platforms
    I can’t wait for you too my friends to Find can stay there on ps5 and Xbox One! Good day to you !

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