Just rage deleted the Chiv 2

  • I played it since the early alpha and there were very different feel of game on different development stages. Bought special support pack before release. I am level ~50 now, with enough experience.

    But after last patch I tried to play Chiv2 and found it totally unplayable. Let me explain why.

    Lots of bugs were not fixed & even not promised to be fixed.

    Rememer that stone haging near the catapult instead of loading? Oil bombs not blowing (seems like being deflected with blocks)? Throwables not throwing or throwing too slow? Attacks being tranformed to feints on some unpredicatable reason?

    Ping dependance & server micro-freezes.

    I could only play in full strength when my ping is <32. Ping 40 means I would not be able to win any serious duel. Ping 110 means I would play like a completely novice.

    And the problem is not the connection and the ping itself. I noticed that on some stages like Market at Coxwell or Banners at Lionspire server does micro-freezes that ruin your timing.

    Most noticable is how the throwables begin to miss while you used to aim correctly and always hit. You throw an axe to the crowd of 5 enemies and magically it misses anyone. And on different map or stage everything is OK. I don’t know is it the number of server-controllable bots, number of bodies or scenery makes the server invisibly lag, but the timing is ruined even with good ping.

    The same applies to fencing, so I move from the top of the table to the bottom just because my character parries too late or attacks delayed in microsecond. It’s hard to notice until you play hours and hours and see the difference.

    It feels like your knight is being downgraded to peasant in an armor :D

    First life is always short

    When the map begins and your commander shouts to fight and die, first time the character feels like moving a little faster but much weaker and vulnerable. Don’t know why they made it this way, but the best thing you could do is to die instantly and reborn in full strength.

    You are leaving the field of battle

    One of the most annoying features. I really HATE this system that disables a lot of tactics and turns the game to slashing only without tactical movements, ambushes etc. We really don’t need this on most stages.

    Last stages on several maps are dumb

    Coxwell has a stage of shame, Agatha really don’t deserve this several minutes of helpless massacring. Escape from Falmire last stage is hopeless, I never saw the Hero really escaped. So after you played really hard on the Bridge or Prison break stages, you will definitely loose.

    Movement & fighting

    This continues from some mid-alpha version:
    running/walking speed is too high.

    The game turned to be run-and-slash style. This is very unnatural and very annoying. Movement speed while fighting should be lowered at least by 20%. Free running.

    The last patch made the game even more unpredictable, it looks like it added more server micro-freezes, so the timing is ruined completely.

    Fighting in 3-rd person gives a crazy advantage as you always see the attackers around, and in 1-st person you just guess about it on the second hit that is often critical. I play with FOV 120 and that’s not enough.


    That server-lag problem. I don’t want to play like a novice. I have enough experience and won a thousands of duels or 1-to-many fights. And after the patch the problem not only persists but even grew worse.

    First I thought that it may be caused by GPU or CPU overload and upgraded my processor and graphic card. But that did almost no help.

    I hope to see this fixed in some future patch as I really love Chivalry and no game compares to it. Don’t tell me about MH, it’s just a bad clone, I played it a number of hours and found too dulll.

  • @mSnus said in Just rage deleted the Chiv 2:


    I agree that coxwell is really bad and i think its also impossible to win without a guy hidding in the market. Falmire is not impossible to win because i saw 2 wins on this maps and when i was the Hero i was so close reaching the boat i was already on the pier. I think the problem here is the spawn point of the defender who makes the under part so difficult and nearly impossible to get trough.

    I also agree with leaving the field of battle especially in the wide. I understand that there should be a leaving the field but i think only if you walk to close into the enemie spawn because it would suck to spawn and then its a guy behind your spawn and kills you. But in the wide the leaving mechanic is pointless.

    But lets talk about “Attacks being tranformed to feints on some unpredicatable reason?”

    Did you mean something like…

    When i play Falcion and i only use slash sometimes when i block or dont know counter he swings the Falcion from left to right, stops in the middle does an overhead but then feint it in a slash from right to left. I was recording a clip and it says perfect counter, feint, feint what makes no sense because you cant feint and feint. This moves tooks like 3 secs and everytime he does this move i will die because it takes so long and i loose my invulnerability and yes i happend pretty often with the falcion.
    Is this what you meant?

  • I have seen that hero on Falmire escaping almost every time if I play with cross play disabled in the morning. I think victory especially depends on how much players and bots are around. If I disable cross play, its not unusual we end up playing 10 vs 10. Only 4 real players, the other 6 being bots, that can stop that hero.
    The more players, the more difficult it will become for that hero.
    The maps are designed to be played with large numbers of players, but for some reason, the game starts too soon without finding any more players and objective balance is ruined

  • @Maggi Yes, your description sounds very similar to the effect I noticed! Sometimes the attacks are morphed into something you didn’t suppose to be, like right slash transformed into heavy attack from the left.

    Also it happened several times when my LMB stuck, so I the character was constantly slashing with heavy attack until death, like some hidden berserk mode)) No block, weapon change it attack sold so this. And after reviving, everything was reset to normal state. I experienced this only when there were too much fighting close to me, when the server seemed to be overloaded with signals once.

    Regarding that “morph to feint” stuff, that also happens in the very intense fights and also looks like the server receives your command too late because of some CPU or net overload.

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