Desync/Rubberbanding making game unplayable

  • Game was fine 2 days ago, logged in today and starting to rubberband all over the place, completely desynced. Receiving hits from players feet away who teleport close to me then away, swings not completing or landing in places i did not aim them. This is all as of today when I have never had any lag or issues with this game up to today. Ping averages about 4, fps always 90-110, this makes literally no sense and completely ruins the game. I have no idea what happens but I have seen a few places where other people describe the same issue that is just with this game and not with any others. Anyone else having this issue all of a sudden or anyone have any idea how to fix it?

  • Yes that was the reason I quit Chivalry until they fix it. Felt myself like a helpless noob player ))

    I call it “server micro freeze” , because it had nothing to do with my ping, CPU load or fps.

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